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New vegicaps: Veg-Power and Schisandra

Veg-power to support the vegans and vegetarians

Veg-power of MORGA contains the ideal dosage of vitamin B12 and additional perfectly harmonized vitamins that support the body specifically eating vegan or vegetarian. Based on chlorella, the Veg-Power Capsules are enriched with vitamins and contain 60% of the daily recommended dosage of vitamin B2, B6, B12 and D, folic acid and selenium.

Power Fruit Schisandra: Berry of the five tastes

The berry of the five tastes contains several valuable ingredients such as pro-vitamin A, vitamin B6, C and E. In addition, the salty-spicy-bitter fruit contains many minerals and trace elements that have, according to traditional Chinese medicine, a positive influence in case of general dejection and is used to strengthen the body in general.


Veg-Power vegicaps 100 caps.

Schisandra vegicaps 100 caps.