Ginger Latte

New at Morga – Three latte variants

“Golden Milk” originates from Ayurveda, a 5000 year old healing art, and the special knowledge of the  active substances in turmeric led to this ancient hot beverage.

From our expertise in mixing herbs and spices, we have created two further latte variants with ginger and carob, in addition to the classic Golden Latte with turmeric. Simply dissolve in hot milk and the delicious, trendy latte drink is ready.


Golden Latte

The classic Golden Latte. It is also referred to as turmeric milk and is originally an ancient recipe from Ayurveda. And today this drink is more popular than ever.

Ginger Latte

The ginger spice mixture has it all, invigorating the mind and body.

Good Night Latte

Die Carob Gewürzmischung ist ideal für die späten Abendstunden.

You can find these new products in health food shops, organic food shops, chemists, pharmacies or in our online shop.