Nila’s Kitchen from Morga

Nila does your cooking!

Nila‘s Kitchen is Morga‘s latest concept: prepared organic food to whip up a delicious and healthy dish, quick and easy. Whether for the office, traveling or after a long working day, Nila focusses on what conscious eaters wish for in this time of fast food, convenience and bad conscience.

Nila‘s Kitchen is about quick and simple preparation without any preservatives and flavour enhancers. Nila dishes are prepared within minutes, without effort or cooking. Nila doesn‘t use anything else that you wouldn‘t use yourself: pure, organic ingredients in refined combination. Actually just as if you were to mix the individual ingredients together at home yourself.

Nila‘s Bulgur

Nila‘s kitchen products are quick to prepare and are good for a snack as well as a main meal. Nila‘s Bulgur is now available in the MORGA range in five different flavours: Indian, Italian, Oriental, Thai und Turkish.

The products contain nothing more than pure bulgur, spices, fruits and nuts. One only needs to pour hot water over, wait 15 minutes and after stirring the food is ready.
Portions are already prepared in a handy cup. Adding water makes the bulgur swell to the rim of the cup, the spices give it an exciting, exotic flavour.

The new Nila’s Bulgur are now available on our Onlineshop.