Organic pyramid teabags from Morga

If tea really enjoy

Tea is one of the most popular drinks in Switzerland.
And while some are using the tea as pure thirst quencher, for others, the preparation and drinking is a ritual of relaxation and pure enjoyment.

Pyramid teabags

And just for those, the organic pyramid teabags of MORGA are the right choice. In contrast to the double-compartment bag, there can be used a coarser tea cut in the pyramid bag. Once the tea is poured over with hot water, not only the finest tea fragrance, but also all the herbs and flowers unfold in the bag – this is also a real enjoyment for the eyes.

Organic teas – creative mixtures

Organic herbs, fruits and spices, combined in exciting and intense mixtures like Green Tea Mango or Rooibos chocolate, packed in practical boxes – pure enjoyment.

Let yourself be seduced by the creative mixes!

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