Relax & harmony tea

Enjoyable and soothing herbal tea mixtures

Relax in Harmony with Relax & harmony tea: Let dangle the soul for a moment and bring thoughts, smell and taste in harmony. Try now our new Relax & harmony teas.

And where do you get these popular soothing herbal tea mixtures?

The demand for these teas is very large. However, they are not yet widely available on the trade on the shelf. Just ask your dealer for the teas. Also, you can order all Relax & harmony teas directly through our Morga-Webshop or at any time by phone in Morga-office.

– Relax & Harmony balance bea – basic herbal tea mixture

– Relax & Harmony body-fit tea – detoxifying herbal tea mixture

– Relax & Harmony slow down tea – relaxing herbal tea mixture

– Relax & Harmony warm up tea – herbal tea mixture for inner peace of mind