Relax & harmony tea

Relax in harmony.

Let dangle the soul for a moment and bring thoughts, smell and taste in harmony. Try now our new Relax & harmony teas.

The different mixtures of Relax & harmony tea

– Relax & Harmony balance bea – basic herbal tea mixture
– Relax & Harmony body-fit tea – detoxifying herbal tea mixture
– Relax & Harmony slow down tea – relaxing herbal tea mixture
– Relax & Harmony warm up tea – herbal tea mixture for inner peace of mind

The Relax & Harmony balance tea is a soothing blend of herbs with fennel, red bush, blackberry and anise. The well-balanced tea composition supports a balanced acid-base balance.

The Relax & Harmony warm-up tea contains extremely harmoniously matched components with fennel and black tea as a basis. The pleasant sharpness of natural ginger combined with the warm cinnamon gives the tea composition its special touch. Vanilla gives a fine touch.

Thanks to its soothing herbals birch leaves and nettle, the Relax & Harmony body-fit tea has a detoxifying effect. The blackthorn supports the metabolism and also has a mild laxative effect. The mildness of the red bush rounds the herbal composition with enjoyment.

The Relax & Harmony slow-down is an enjoyable herbal tea mixture and is ideal for relaxation and inner peace. The balanced ingredients unfold their soothing taste. Lemon deployed in conjunction with Orange Blossom and Honey Busch their soothing taste. Licorice rounds the taste perfectly.

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