• Die Toggenburger Churfirsten
  • Mit Soja im Gepäck von Indien ins Toggenburg
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  • Sojamalt im Wandel der Zeit

Vegetarian since 1930

Innovation from tradition

MORGA is an independent family-owned business. We have been doing what we are best at for more than 80 years: We develop and produce healthy, natural food products that taste really good. We start by carefully selecting raw materials and creating precisely adjusted recipes. You can only make products that are delicious and good for you if you use the best ingredients. Careful storage and gentle processing guarantee that as many of the original nutrients and ingredients as possible are preserved. You will not find any large production lines in our organization. We use flexible, manageable production units. This results in our typical marriage of tradition with the most modern technology and allows for an exceptional and gentle transformation of high-grade recipes into contemporary food products that meet the highest world-wide standards. In principle, everything here is the way it was during the good old days, only better.

From India to the Toggenburg

The history of MORGA starts in India. From 1910 to 1930 Ernst Lieberherr, the grandfather of MORGA ‘s present General Manager Ruedi Lieberherr, was the manager of the Bombay branch of a Swiss trading company. In 1927, he was appointed Honorary Consul of Bombay and several other Indian provinces by the Swiss Government. In 1930, Ernst Lieberherr came back to Switzerland with a baggage full of tea and soya and a head full of ideas. That same year, he established MORGA AG in his old hometown Ebnat-Kappel. The protein and nutrient-rich soya bean had already been a staple in Asian diets for centuries. In Switzerland in the ’30s, MORGA ‘s soya products were a sensation.

  •  Die Toggenburger Churfirsten
  •  Mit Soja im Gepäck von Indien ins Toggenburg
  •  Lebensmittelproduktion damals
  •  Lebensmittelproduktion heute
  •  Sojamalt im Wandel der Zeit
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Healthy and good

More and more people are starting to care about healthy nutrition. Personal balance, greater pleasure and valuable nutrition content all contribute to this new awareness. We at MORGA are particularly pleased with the trend towards healthy nutrition since it corresponds to the philosophy that our family-owned company has faithfully pursued for over 80 years. MORGA – the brand with natural, unadulterated, quality food for the modern lifestyle.

The MORGA quality declaration presupposes responsible behaviour – towards nature and the environment, of course, but above all towards our fellow men: Employees, suppliers, customers and consumers. MORGA manufactures foodstuffs for special forms of nutrition. MORGA products are vegetable-based. That is why the MORGA brand has long been a favorite with vegetarians.

At MORGA, we do what we promise – without compromises and since 1930!



Ruedi Lieberherr, Managing Director