Knowing, which product fits my personal needs-at a glance. 

The variety of nutritional products – whether out of conviction or lead by allergies and intolerances – is  huge. In order to give our customers the best possible overview, but also to prevent uncertainties, additional labels will be printed on our product packaging starting from 2014 for newly launched products. Existing products are continually updated. In the meantime, if you would like to get an overview of one of the various nutritional categories, we are happy to provide you with a list :


  • ohne zugesetzten Milchzucker
    Lactose free
    no lactose added
  • kein zugesetztes Salz
    No salt added
    no salt added
  • ohne Fleisch, Fisch oder Geflügel
    without meat, fish or chicken
  • without any animal products
    without any animal products

Other ingredients that can trigger allergies are highlighted in the list of ingredients or can be viewed on our website.

In addition, social and environmental considerations play an important role for many of your customers. Depending on our customer’s specific conviction, organic cultivation and processing according to the guidelines of Bio Knospe are important . Other clients prefer products made by following the Demeter guidelines. And for some other customers, Fair Trade is important. MORGA marks the respective characteristics clearly recognizable on all packaging:


Some of our products are processed according to halal or kosher guidelines and approved by the respective official authorities. A list of all MORGA kosher products can be viewed here.If you are interested in halal products, we will be happy to assist you.