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The human being is always in the centre of MORGA ‘s concern. Wholesome products can only be produced in a good working atmosphere. MORGA works in flexible, manageable production units. You may search in vain for huge assembly lines. With its typical combination of tradition and state-of-the-art technology, MORGA implements traditional recipes applying unique, gentle production processes to obtain foods in keeping with the times and the highest standards world-wide. Basically, at MORGA everything is just like it was in the good old days – only better.

Core know-how: Foodstuffs production

In accordance with MORGA ‘s high quality standards, production starts with the careful selection of raw materials. Particularly gentle production processes have been developed to preserve valuable nutrition contents. MORGA strives for the highest quality of raw materials and finished products – not least out of respect for the environment – and produces many products in certified organic quality in accordance with Knospen or Demeter guidelines.

For people on special diets, MORGA has a line of special products. People allergic to wheat gluten, for example, can buy Dr. Schär gluten free flour and finished products or a variety of biscuits and rusk specialities. Employees at MORGA are constantly trained and machines are carefully selected in order to be able to offer all different kind of allergen free products but also some halal- and kosher products.

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Distribution channels and logistics

We supply to many different customers: health, organic and wholefood retailers, wholesalers, chains of food stores, the hotel and catering industry and institutions such as hospitals and retirement homes. MORGA ‘s outstanding logistics and personal service are particularly appreciated. We guarantee the complete traceability of all products stored and delivered. MORGA customers can thus be assured that all deliveries are fresh.

MORGA products are not just popular in Switzerland – they are increasingly popular abroad as well. About 15% of our production is shipped from Ebnat-Kappel to MORGA customers worldwide.