Our commitment to healthy, natural nutrition over all theses years has never changed. However, the initial range of products with soy, tea and spices has constantly been expanded to over 1’800 articles, not only by developing new products, but also by acquiring brands. In addition to the Morga branded products, different products are produced and sold under well-known brand names belong to the Morga umbrella. Nevertheless, all products are manufactured in the well known Morga quality and strictly follow the Morga philosophy: 

Selected fruits, carefully dried and delicious nuts from all around the world – At home or on the go, alone or with friends, to take along as a present or just so. ISSRO always has the ideal snack and perfect nibble.
Paidol Logo 
Paidol has been the clever cook’s well-tried aid for more than 100 years. The proven and healthy thickener for sauces, creams and desserts, loosens Knöpfli, omelets or soufflés and is used as a light diet for convalescents. In addition, Paidol has been used to make high-quality babyfood for ages.
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Enjoy without regret: The cereal-based coffees of Pionier are based on healthy grains and the finest figs and allow sensory pleasure with zero caffeine.
A good start to the day thanks to a healthy Kentavit-Müesli. Müesli and  flakes in highest quality deliver the necessary fibre, minerals and vitamins for a successfull day.
Holle Logo 
From whole grain cereals, over different kind of seeds and beans to dried seeds, Holle products contain all sorts of wholesome ingredients for a tasty cuisine.
Based on natural ingredients, enriched with vitamins and minerals, the Biorex Health Line cares for your daily well being. The Biorex Line can now be found under the Morga Active Line brand.
Lindol Logo 
Cough syrup for natural fast relief – made from plaintain leaves and honey.

In addition to its own brands, Morga represents additional international brands in the Swiss market:

The organic herbs from Herb Select are an expression of the highest quality and exquisite taste in all its diversity – from the field to the can, all from one source.
Dr. Schär Logo 
The professional partner for gluten-free living for the past 30 years. The traditional brand with the widest range of naturally gluten-free basic and dried food products in the world.
Rabenhorst Logo 
At Rabenhorst, finest and utmost juices orginate from best fruits. With a lot of creativity, Rabenhorst produces direct juice compositions and harmoniously matched mixes. The result are products of highest quality, that not only taste good, but are full of vitamins, minerals. The best for humans – gained from nature.
Provamel Logo 
The natural products from Provamel offer a wide choice of pure alternatives to milk products and are all of plant origin. These products are are just as tasty as milk, available in a huge variety.
Dr. Grandel Logo 
Live healthy, stay healthy – supplement nutrition from Dr. Grandel supplement the nutrition with important natural energy.
Biomaris Logo 
Biomaris sea salt, natural salt of highest quality that has been produced through a very special drying process.

Morga sells and distributes other high-quality brands. To find all of our products, please go to our Webshop or to our product overview page.

Private Labelling

Private Labelling: Some well-known suppliers and wholesalers have their products manufactured by Morga. They sell them under their own brand as so-called private label products. this confidence in our manufacturing and know-how makes us proud.