Our commitment to healthy, natural nutrition over all theses years has never changed. However, the initial range of products with soy, tea and spices has constantly been expanded to over 1’800 articles, not only by developing new products, but also by acquiring brands. In addition to the MORGA branded products, different products are produced and sold under well-known brand names belonging to the MORGA umbrella. Nevertheless, all products are manufactured in the well known MORGA quality and strictly follow the MORGA philosophy: 



Exquisite fruits, carefully dried and delicious nuts from all over the world – ideal as a small refreshment or snack that everyone likes.

Paidol Logo 
The kitchen miracle for healthy baking and cooking. 
The tried-and-tested and healthy binding agent for sauces, creams and sweet dishes, slackens Knöpfli noodles, omelettes or soufflés and is used for a bland diet for convalescents.
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Enjoyment with no regrets: the cereal-based coffee from the Pionier brand is based on healthy cereal and delicate figs and thus means you can enjoy coffee with zero caffeine.


A great start to the day thanks to a healthy KentaVit muesli. High-quality muesli and flakes provide the fibre, minerals and vitamins you need for a successful day.

Lindol Logo 
Cough syrup for fast, natural relief – made from plantain leaves and honey.



In addition to its own brands, Morga represents additional international brands in the Swiss market:

Dr. Schär Logo
Dr. Schär

For over 30 years, Dr. Schär has been developing dietary dried and frozen products for special nutritional needs. Dr. Schär sets the bar high in terms of quality – not only as a specialist for high-quality gluten-free food. Schär is also specifically committed to a balanced diet and providing a happy and carefree gluten-free lifestyle. Schär makes gluten-free living a lot easier.

Logo Rabenhorst

At Rabenhorst, the best fruits are used to make incomparably exquisite juices. Plenty of creativity is used to create unique not-from-concentrate creations. The result is products of the highest quality that not only taste naturally aromatic, but are also full of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The best for people – obtained from nature.

Provamel Logo

Provamel’s natural products offer a wide range of purely plant-based alternatives to milk, while being just as tasty and versatile.

Logo Panifactum

The German manufacturer that exclusively develops and produces gluten-free low-carb products. Panifactum stands for carb-free pleasure. The assortment ranges from bars, bread and rolls to cakes and crispbread.

Logo Terre Sangiorgio
Terre di Sangiorgio

TERRE DI SANGIORGIO, from Italy (province of Piacenza), is a supplier of organic and biodynamic tomato puree and ready-made sauces. The company is passionate about organic farming and produces high-quality, certified products.

Logo Guerzoni

Guerzoni is specialised in the production of organic and biodynamic vinegar with Demeter quality. Various vinegars are produced according to an old family tradition.

Logo Nutrimento
Bio Vitae

“Il Nutrimento”, a processing company of the Probios Group, produces traditional recipes based on organic Italian vegetables – all guaranteed vegetarian or vegan. Morga offers various sauces and bruschetta with organic quality.

Logo Schuster

What began in 1939 as a small village bakery in Laudes in the Upper Val Venosta valley is now a fourth-generation family business. “Laatscher Schüttelbrot” (Schüttelbrot bread from Laudes) stands for the highest quality. High-quality, carefully selected and, in some instances, local raw materials are required to bake good Schüttelbrot. The dough is worked, kneaded and shaped by hand. The various types of organic wholemeal flour are freshly ground in the in-house stone mill.

Logo Amarru
Amarru Schokolade von Promatec

Fair trade organic Amarru chocolate. Chocolate production in Switzerland relies exclusively on natural raw materials and neither soy lecithin nor artificial additives are tolerated.

Logo Stella
Schokolade Stella

Offers a varied range of Swiss chocolate. From dark chocolate to lactose-free and from organic to fair trade.



Morga sells and distributes other high-quality brands. To find all of our products, please go to our Webshop or to our product overview page.

Private Labelling

Private Labelling: Some well-known suppliers and wholesalers have their products manufactured by MORGA . They sell them under their own brand as so-called private label products. This confidence in our manufacturing and know-how fills us with pride.