Vegetable burgers and falafel

More than just an alternative to meat.

Whether original oriental falafel or vegetables and spelt Burger – the recipes are fine-tuned and convincing the savory spicy flavor. In addition, the mixtures are characterized by the fiber and protein content and support the vegan label of MORGA.

The basis of traditional falafel recipe forms the chickpeas, whereby the mixture is additionally gluten free and the warranty seal “ear” bears.

But not just for the vegan diet the delicious burgers and falafel are ideal, they are prepared quickly and easily and can be served in a bun as a tasty snack between meals or as an accompaniment to various dishes.

MORGA launched under the new line “VEGGIE” the three mixes in organic quality bud!

Vegetable burger organic 150 g bud

Veggie Spelt Burger organic bud (150 g)

Veggie Falafel organic bud (150 g)